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Yachting is Better Than Cruising

Hey Guys.  Welcome to another blog by Henry @ GoodeTrips.  This adventure we had the pleasure to climb abroad the SeaDream I (Roman Numeral One).  It is a small boutique yacht that has 52 cabins to hold a maximum of 110 guests and 93 crew staff.  The DreamTrips™ membership made the price affordable at a 50% discount to the retail price.  My buddy Jeremy got the trip for FREE cause he signed up only 6 people to the travel club.  AMAZING!  To begin our Journey, we arrived in Old San Juan Puerto Rico.  If you have not been to Old San Juan, make sure you put this town on your bucket list.  It’s quaint colored in pastels  bring cheer to the environment.  Lined with cobblestone roads, it gives the allure of being back in the colonial period.  The streets are lined with shops and we found a marketplace called El Castillo.  The place promoted healthy living and sold fresh fruits and vegetables. Our first night we stayed at the Casa Blanca Hotel decorated in a Moroccan decor.  The roof top has bath tubs and at times can be filled with water and rose peddles for a romantic evening.

The next day we boarded the SeaDream Yacht and met our guests who would share the boat with us for the next seven days.  The vessel is impressive and staffed with a gourmet chef that caters to any requests.  They serve a full menu with vegetarian, and even vegan alternative to the normal sea and land delicacies.  The adults beverages were included with our trip, so the drinks came quickly and often.  The yacht included an onboard spa and exercise facility, and had daily yoga and tai chi classes.  Most importantly the boat was big enough where you could find a secluded area if you wanted to be alone, but also facilitated an open seating arrangement for sun bathing or dining with other guest at each meal.  A big surprise was the staff placed SeaDream emblem pajamas in our stateroom and embroidered our first name on them.  They recommended that we wear them in the evening after dinner and traverse our way to the top deck to sleep under the stars on the ship’s Balinese beds.  So awesome!

Our first stop was about a day and a half away to the Island of St. Kitts where we would spend approximately two days.  The ship staff dropped jet skis and sailboats in the water to use at our discretion.  We however got adventurous and went to the local beach where we rented jet boots!  While in St. Kitts we were treated to a Super Bowl LII party on the beach.

The next day we were off to the island of Nevis where the crew had planned a champagne and caviar bunch.  This is a signature trademark of the SeaDream Yacht Club to have a lavish fest on the beach and wait on the guests serving endless mimosas and featuring the finest eats from the local markets of the island.  The following day we cruised to another island of the British Virgin Isles; a popular destination known to many as Antiqua.   We rented mopeds and we traveled to a local beach calledTurners Beach.  The name reminds me of Will Turner one of the lead characters in the movie “The Pirates of the Caribbean”.

Following a bite to eat at the local restaurant and bar we traveled back toward St. Johns where our vessel was docked and found a quaint little resort known as hawksbill Resort named after the bird-like rock that sits right off the coast.  There we experience second lunch since yeah we are on vacation!

We made it back to the boat to set sail for St. Barts.

Now if you have never been to St. Barts, this is a must see island to visit.  Nestled directly below St. Maarten, this small island can only accommodate small cruising vessels like the SeaDream Yacht.  The town only has about 3000 people living on the island.  Some call it the French Riviera of the Caribbean.  The island is a french nationality where bathing suit tops are optional.  This was the best island on account it was quite and clean, and one more thing; it was clean (LOL).  The islanders take much pride in their establishment and cater to the ultra wealthy.  The island houses many homes of famous celebrities as well.  The scenery around the island is breath taking.  We liked the island so much, we all voted to stay in St. Barts another day and since we were on a yacht of only 87 guests, the captain of the SeaDream made it happen for us.  That is the difference right there between Cruising and Yachting.  If you would like to experience the thrill of yachting at an affordable price, you should take a look at the DreamTrips™ membership.  There whole concept is to bring value of a trip to more than just a vacation, they aim to make it an experience.

Check out our webinar to learn more about becoming a DreamTrips™ member.  Click here to watch.