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Bali Is Where Spiritual Meets Beautiful

Bali is a magical place to say the least.  While its main religions are Hinduism and Buddhism, the island caters to all forms of spirituality and entraps the individual to never wanting to leave this beautiful island.  I have been to Bali now and it is a must for any traveler to visit.  We started our sabbatical and landed in the heart of high surf season.  Bali along with most of the Indonesian Island chain is blessed with waves year round.  This particular trip we were met with some of the finest waves of our lives.  Averaging anywhere from 6 to 12 feet.  For most of the month of July we spent hours in the water sharing blissful rides between friends.  Now anyone who has been to Bali knows the roads are opposite where you drive on the left hand side of the road unlike here in the United States.  This took a little getting used to, but we managed to make our way to the Bukit Peninsula where we stayed at the beautiful Pink Coco Hotel.  You can find this hotel at a great value on the DreamTrips™ website where members can choose to stay net of any commissions or travel agent mark ups.  At the time, we were able to get this 4 star hotel at a great deal which allowed us to splurge on the hotel’s spa and get 1 1/2 hour messages.  We felt like rock stars  being treated like kings of the land.  The local currency is called Rupiah and transferring $100US dollars gave us 1.5million Rupiah.  Hey we are millionaires now (LOL)!  We gave thanks to the hard working people of Bali and made sure we appreciated them with a smile and a little extra cash from our wallet.  We visited many towns from Uluwatu at the tip of the Bukit Peninsula to Balangan a sleepy town prime to be explored by the adventurer. We later started island hopping to other neighboring island like Nusa Lembongan, Lombak, and Sumatra. I will say Nusa Lembongan was my favorite.  We found a hotel called the Cliff Villas nestled high up on the hill top overlooking the Indian Ocean.  That’s my buddies Mike and Ray in the picture.  We met some of the nicest people at the hotel too.  Families from all over the world come to Nusa for rest and relaxation.

DreamTrips™ makes getaways like this possible. Currently they have a trip lined up to stay at the Westin Udi in Bali.  Its a beautiful hotel and the price is guaranteed that their membership rate is the lowest.  If you want more information about the DreamTrips™ membership, watch our webinar on the benefits. And we hope to see you on DreamTrips™ soon.

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